Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunset in Vellore


Vellore is the kind of place that grows on you ... takes time to start loving it. Very few things that pull you to it. The skies in evenings should definitely be one of them. The flat plains pierced by the occasional hills in the distance offers a great view. Both pics above taken from the Brahmapuram temple. Vinoth in pic.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


couldn't take out the cam as soon as i wished to. the elephant had already passed ...
it was on the way to pondy.... was one of the best times of my life .. for one reason -- i was in love - and madly. and thought it was reciprocated -- only to be disproved just a couple of days later.. nevertheless -- pondi was a once in a life time experience. we took, the band, booked cottages on the auroville beach -- the peace and tranquility in itself was overwhelming. the show didn't turn out to be great -- but everything else we did was awesome .... the biking through the rain-- drunk till we couldn't stand, late night conversations on the beach, the breakfast at the french bakery, her phone calls ......

Three Kings

In the pic - Nadar Kumaran(left), Harish Iyer(centre) and Vinoth(right)... three geniuses of their own kind.. Nadar, popularlry known as pshyco -- has a very funny temperament throughout always carefree, but hard working and brainy, Harish is more reckless and can be quite pissing off at times but very sincere on the other hand -- cannot stay more than 2 hours without a smoke ..last, but more like the leader of the group is Vinoth..aka..Kudigaran:) -- has the ability to pull people towards him, knows how to make and maintain friends... creative, level headed and a great friend..

The Gig in God's Own Country

the pic shows sun set on 31 dec 2006 ,taken from Poovar Island in Kerala -- we were setting up the drums for the new year gig at the resort when wew noticed it .. waited for 20 mins to get that boat under the sun.. one of the best shows i did with rubburband..that night

Paying Taxes

Forsaken souls in the desert wind
or the wings of a fallen angel
can't even tell it happened so fast
they stay a while and then they leave

like the time when johny fell down
on that lovely august evening fall
listening to the music play
listening to the birds sing away

No escaping paying taxes
paying it to the world

she walked into my life with her shaded eyes and that brilliant smile
thought she was all i'd ever need
i see my vision burn, i feel my memories fade with time
she was gone before i knew ..

no escaping paying taxes..
paying it to yourself

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

temple on the hill

the lonely temple on the hill.. went there first time alone .. out of loneliness or to get away from the socialising ..
the locals say its cursed -- which is why there's no pujas or ceremonies carried out during the week.. safe haven for those who seek peace and quite from the bustle in the university.
think its there onwards i started to enjoy the simple beauty of this almost barren countryside of vellore.. the lonely roads .. snaking out into the middle of nowhere -- the occasional train chugging past in the distant track.. vit seems such a distant thing from so far and above ...

3 o Clock

three O clock in the morning -- its raining outside -- feels cold without the blanket -- squinting at this screen. makes me wonder ... how all the illusions are swept away .. all things you've dreamed up crashing down even before you've put up anything.
and in the loss i don't lose this silly pride.. this notion that having engineered a waste of a life is license enough to lecture and try to edit others lives.
three o clock in the morning, it's cold and lonely , unsettling and depressing-- that i have to forget this dream i dreamt of you. i've given up -- but hoped it would have ended better ... ended too soon , abrupt , hard and crushing .

should probably go to sleep .. more presentations, case studies and term papers when i wake up . just lost interest... go to sleep.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is me

well -- been a long time thinking off starting this -- so this is me now here. Finishing off with MBA at Vellore -- exploring the beauties of a barren land